Our Tours & Activities

Boat Cruise to Navagio Shipwreck

The boats for the Shipwreck beach depart from Porto Vromi Maries and reach their destination in just about 15 minutes. The trip includes around 1 hour stay at the Shipwreck beach.
Duration: from 2 ½ to 3 hours or more
Price: 25.00€


Boat Rental 25 hp engine

New, fast and fully conformed to all safety regulations boats,based on your own preferences with no limit to the distance that you can cover.
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours.
Price: 30.00€


Private trips with one of our boats

Our fleet and our stuff are beside you , ready to make every moment unique. We recommend a private trip with our boats to celebrate your birthday or any other event in your life with your friends and family
Duration 4 hours.
Price: 200.00€